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One Time Gifts and Memorial Donations 

If you wish to make a financial gift using your credit or
debit card through, please select the link at the
bottom of this page for the completion of your gift.


If you would like to contribute to Mars Hill
by sending us a check,
you may do so by making the check payable to
Mars Hill Presbyterian Church
and mailing it to:

205 N. Jackson Street
Athens, TN 37303

Please be sure to have the fund or mission to which you
are giving clearly designated on your check.

If you are sending a Memorial or donation online,
please use the drop down box at the top to choose
what kind of donation you are making.
After completing your information and the amount of your donation,
lease use the "Memo" section to note any details, such as
who you are Memorializing, or the what fund to which you wish to contribute.

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