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The Prayer Garden

The church yard space that we are now calling our Prayer Garden was once an area infrequently used for short moments of church wide fellowship. In time, ideas came about on how to  change the space to enhance its usefulness to church members and the general public.  With the guiding help of members' thoughts and prayers, a landscape architect’s plan, and the monies received from memorial gifts and generous contributions, the transformation into the Prayer Garden is taking place.  A spacious courtyard has been built which incorporates a prayer labyrinth and benches surrounded by new landscape plantings (in progress and future), and a dedicated space for remembering past church members and others by internment of cremains and placement of name plaques.  As work continues in the future, we hope it will become a place like the inside of the church: a place for rest, for fellowship, for prayer and reflection, and for remembering the wonderful people who have impacted our church and families and the God who has given us life in abundance.

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